Funding the Next Generation is the nation’s only initiative to promote local public funding streams dedicated to services for children, youth and their families – funds like San Francisco’s Children and Youth Fund and the Oakland Kids First Fund.

Investing in our children and youth is essential to our country’s future economic security and social stability.  Much can be done at the local level to increase these critical investments.  Funding the Next Generation helps communities create measures that will fund and sustain services such as youth development, early childhood education, after-school and summer programs, health care, violence prevention, career readiness and parental support.  We aim to see resources moved from “downstream” expenditures, such as punishment and institutionalization, to “upstream” expenditures that promote opportunity for young people, particularly those who have been disadvantaged and subjected to unjust policies.

This initiative was founded and is directed by Margaret Brodkin, who is nationally recognized for her pioneering work in raising hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding for children and youth services in San Francisco.

Funding the Next Generation is helping cities and counties throughout California make a financial commitment to their children, and transfer resources toward prevention. Already more than a dozen communities have embarked on a path toward sustainable funding.  Whether through ballot measures or increased local budgets, this initiate has sparked action for children and youth throughout California. See all Participating Communities.

If you want to make a difference for your children and the future of your community, please join us!  As an expanding learning network, we look forward to sharing our resources, experience and expertise with you.

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“Margaret Brodkin is the Johnny Appleseed of children’s funds.”  
– Larry Tramutola, political consultant for dozens of winning campaigns for school funding and the strategist behind the 2014 historic soda tax victory in Berkeley, California.

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Exciting poll: “The 2016 California Elections and Funding for Children and Youth” by Dave Metz, FM3, May, 2016. Download here

Getting started

Two guides available: Creating a local children’s fund: A Guide to Planning a Local Initiative to Fund Services for Children, Youth and their Families. NEW: Children’s Fund Campaign Manual: A Guide to Passing a Local Children’s Fund.

Funding The Next Generation

National perspective

First National Webinar: Creating Local Dedicated Revenue Streams for Children, sponsored by Funding the Next Generation, Forum for Youth Investment, National Association for the Education of Young Children, National AfterSchool Association. Featuring Margaret Brodkin and Elizabeth Gaines

Funding The Next Generation

California’s First Children’s fund

Hear Margaret Brodkin tell the inspiring Little Red Wagon Story about the winning campaign to pass the San Francisco Children’s Fund – now over $70 Million each year.