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NEW WEBINAR ON UNDERSTANDING CALIFORNIA COUNTY BUDGETS, with Chris Hoene, ED California Policy and Budget Center; Ed Harrington, former Controller of San Francisco; and Margaret Brodkin, Director, Funding the Next Generation

SECOND STATEWIDE CONFERENCE, MAY 9, 2016, The Promise of Local Dedicated Funds for California’s Children: Progress, Potential, Politics and Policy – Program Agenda

NEW – JUST OUT: Local Funding for Early Learning: A Community Toolkit – written and published in Spring, 2016, by the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

FIRST NATIONAL WEBINAR ON DEVELOPING LOCAL DEDICATED REVENUE STREAMS, sponsored by Funding the Next Generation, Forum for Youth Investment, NAEYC, and National AfterSchool Association.   Featuring Margaret Brodkin and Elizabeth Gaines

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San Francisco’s Children’s Fund, a model for the nation

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