First book of its kind

Creating Local Dedicated Funding Streams:

A Guide to Planning a Local Initiative to Fund Services for Children, Youth and their Families

A hands-on practical resource to help you create stable, sustainable funding through a local ballot measure. Whether it takes one year or five, this book contains ways to have success along the way – with everything from a children’s budget to powerful communication to legislation to protect funding.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of a local children’s fund
  • Examples of funds around the nation
  • Basics of California taxing law
  • Revenue options for a children’s funding stream
  • Creating a children’s budget
  • The power of polling
  • Drafting a measure
  • Developing an organization that can win
  • Effective messages
  • Getting on the ballot
  • Preparing for a campaign
  • The role of foundations


  • Assessing your assets and challenges
  • Guidelines for understanding local budgets
  • Creating a stakeholder analysis
  • Developing the best revenue strategy
  • Elements of a strong measure
  • Key decisions you must make
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