Partners, Advisors, Funders

Working with a highly knowledgeable and professional team of strategic thinkers who are fiercely passionate about the well being of our children and our future will not only help make the world a better place for Napa County’s children, but for children throughout California..
Napa County Funding the Next Generation Coordinator


San Francisco State University, School of Health and Social Sciences

Collaborating partner organizations

  • California Child Care Resource and Referral Network
  • California School-Age Consortium
  • Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice
  • Children’s Funding Project
  • Children Now
  • East Bay Asian Youth Center
  • Fairbank, Maullin, Maslin, Metz and Associates
  • 50+1 Strategies
  • First 5 Association of California
  • Opportunity Institute
  • Parent Voices
  • Partnership for Children and Youth
  • Partners in Prevention
  • Prevent Child Abuse California
  • Youth-Forward



  • Kathy Baxter – Partners in Prevention
  • Sheila Boxley – President and CEO of Child Abuse Prevention Center, sponsor of Prevent Child Abuse California
  • Reed Connell – Managing Partner, Social Change Partners, LLC
  • Nicole Derse, 50+1 Strategies
  • Robert Fellmeth – Professor, University of San Diego School of Law; Executive Director, Children’s Advocacy Institute
  • Mark Friedman – President of Board of Directors, East Bay Community Foundation
  • Sheldon Gen – Professor, Public Administration Program, SF State University
  • Ed Harrington – Former Controller of San Francisco and Director of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • James Harrison – Attorney, Remcho, Johansen and Purcell
  • Mary Ignatius – Director, Parent Voices of California
  • David Kakashiba – Executive Director, East Bay Asian Youth Center
  • Moira Kenney – Executive Director, First 5 Association of California
  • Laurel Kloomok – Consultant, David and Lucile Packard Foundation on Family Resource Centers
  • Wendy Lazarus – Founder, Kids Impact Initiative
  • Dave Metz – President, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates
  • Deanna Niebuhr – California Policy and Program Director, The Opportunity Institute
  • Bonnie Politz – Youth and Community Strategy Consultant
  • Nancy Rubin – Former Executive Director, Edgewood Children’s Services; Former Director of Public Health, Marin County
  • Kay Ruhstaller – Policy Chair, Board of Directors, CA Child Care Resource and Referral Network
  • Andrew Russo – Co-Founder and Director, National Network of Family Support and Strengthening Networks
  • Sandra Taylor – Children and Youth Services Manager, City of Oakland
  • Kim Thomas – Former Coordinator, Funding the Next Generation, Solano
  • Jill Wynns – Former Chair of Cities Counties Schools Partnership (League of Cities, CSAC, CSBA), Immediate Past President of CSBA
  • Andrea Youngdahl – Consultant on children’s policy issues and services


  • Our launch funders, who took a risk on supporting this project, were the Sierra Health Foundation and the Rosenberg Foundation.
  • Other funders have included S. H. Cowell Foundation, the T. J Long Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation.   We are especially grateful to The California Endowment, our most sustaining funder.