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!Brilliant toolkit on local organizing for funding children’s services

Making the fiscal case for investing in children

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Creating a local Children’s Budget – an important step in getting more money for kids

What is a Children’s Budget?  It can include many things, but its essence is a resource map of funding for children’s services.

How to map the resources in your local budget – This can be a year-long project, or several months, or less.  We recommend analyzing what you need to take next steps, getting all the help from public officials possible, and doing it as quickly as it takes to accomplish your goal.

WEBINAR ON UNDERSTANDING CALIFORNIA COUNTY BUDGETS, with Chris Hoene, ED California Policy and Budget Center; Ed Harrington, former Controller of San Francisco; and Margaret Brodkin, Director, Funding the Next Generation – July, 2017

Examples of budget analyses done by Funding the Next Generation

Analysis of San Diego budget

Analysis of City of Pomona budget

Other tools for mapping resources:

Budget advocacy – fighting for money for kids through the local budget process


Examples of Children’s Budgets and Children’s Bills of Rights

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Other Planning Tools – created by Funding the Next Generation