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Taxes and Revenue Options for a local Children and Youth Fund

Drafting a measure: Laws, fiscal opportunities and process


Examples of dedicated revenue streams – one-page chart on revenue options, created by Funding the Next Generation

Decision matrix for developing a local dedicated funding stream

WHAT’S LEGAL? Local Government Funding Options for California’s Children, Youth and Family Services – a white paper prepared by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.  This is the best overview of the legal options for creating new revenue streams for children and youth services in California.  It is a little outdated in that it does not include marijuana taxes, but it is a solid resource for basic information.

Requirements for Common Local Government Funding Sources for Services for Children, Youth and Families – a chart summarizing the above white paper by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP



Marijuana taxes – California’s most recent potential funding stream

Other resources on marijuana

Soda taxes

NOTE! Local soda taxes are no longer legal in California, as a result of a “deal” made by the California legislature with the American Beverage Association and signed by the Governor on June 28, 2018.  The ban will be in place until 2030.

“Big soda” held California hostage in a move that can only be described as shameful blackmail.  The soda industry first funded a signature drive for a terrible measure for the November, 2018 ballot – a measure which would never again allow any local tax to pass with less than a 2/3 vote; and then told the Legislature that it would remove the measure from the ballot if local soda taxes were declared illegal in the state until 2030.  This is a vivid example of the influence of corporate money destroying democracy.

Link to LA Times article on the “deal.”

We have kept the following articles on the website for your information.  The video on the Berkeley campaign is particularly interesting in that it describes a model grassroots campaign.  The lessons are relevant to all types of grassroots campaigns.